We take great pride in our workshop and gladly service all machines and brands, including STIHL & Husqvarna, chain sharpens, ride-on mowers, etc.

To book your machine in for a service, feel free to get in touch, or see below for some quick and easy FAQs.

  1. Pull up the throttle trigger and move the choke lever to the bottom of its travel.
  2. Press the primer 3 – 4 times
  3. Pull over 3 to 4 times or until it fires
  4. Move the choke lever up one position to the half choke position.
  5. Pull over again and it will start

The correct fuel mix is a ratio of 50:1, (or 50mL of petrol per 1 mL of Stihl 2 stroke oil).

Only use STIHL 2 Stroke oil as it is specially formulated for STIHL equipment and will maximize the life of the engine. (The use of other oils would also present a complication in the event of a warranty issue).

STIHLhave recently released in NZ a fully synthetic 2 stroke oil called STIHL HP Ultra. STIHL HP Ultra is designed to completely burn away at the operational temperature of the engine and is a significantly higher quality compared to semi-synthetic oils.

STIHL are sufficiently confident in the quality of this oil that they will double the warranty period for domestic customers who purchase a container of this oil when they purchase their new machine.

Only STIHL 2 Stroke oil will maximise the life of a STIHL engine.

The key requirements of a 2 Stroke oil are:

  • To provide the lubrication the engine requires at its operating temperature. 2 Stroke engines are designed to run at a range of temperatures, from the relatively low temperature of a water cooled engine to the high temperatures associated with high performance sports machines. It is only logical that the manufacturer knows the design and performance temperature of their own machines and ensures that their oil is formulated accordingly.
  • It is important for the 2 Stroke oil to leave as little residual carbon as possible in the cylinder. Residual carbon forms an abrasive within the cylinder and if present will cause premature wear. Synthetic oils are more highly refined, more uniform molecular size and out-perform Semi-synthetic oils in many respects.
  • Use of non-manufacturers oil in a machine will jeopardise the validity of warranty claims.
  • Never use the generic 2 stroke oils – we have experience of these oils causing significant issues in 2 Stroke engines.

We recommend 96 Octane (premium).Read More

Fresh fuel (up to 1 month old) is important for starting the engine, and for the correct performance of the carburettor.Read More

Only STIHL SynthPlus chain lubricant will adequately lubricate your chain.Read More

For every tank of fuel, you should use about 80% of the bar oil tank.Read More

At about the centre of the bar, just take the weight of the saw lifting the chain. You should just see the bottom of the drive links.Read More

2 Stroke engines are designed to be operated at full speed.Read More

Basic user service requirements include keeping the air filter clean, keeping debris and dirt out of the fuel tank and cleaning the entire machine) after each use.Read More

STIHL offer an excellent warranty system As described above, if as a domestic customer you purchase and use the STIHL HP Ultra 2 Stroke oil when you buy your machine, and you service your machine annually, you will receive double the normal warranty as indicated by the second of the number of years listed in the table below:

Private/Domestic use (depending on oil quality – Standard/Ultra) 2 Years
Commercial Use (Contracting, Forestry, Industrial) 1 Year
Government and Local Authority 1 Year
Forestry (Professional) 6 Months
Hire & Rental 6 Months
Cutting Attachments & Accessories (supplied with the product) 1 Month
Spare Parts, attachments & accessories supplied as replacement 1 Month

A key component of the STIHL Warranty System is the free First Service after about 5 hours use, or within the first 3 months of ownership. It the event of future warranty issues, it is important that your machine has had its free First Service. We recommend you take advantage of this excellent offer.

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