TSA 230 PRO Cordless Cut-off Saw (incl. Battery & Charger)

TSA 230 PRO Cordless Cut-off Saw (incl. Battery & Charger)


The lightweight and compact TSA 230 Cordless Concrete Saw with a 230mm cutting wheel can cut to a depth of 70mm. It is great for cutting brick, tile and metal on indoor or outdoor job sites. The water control helps suppress dust, and because it is battery powered there is no air filter to maintain.

The TSA 230 is part of our PRO Cordless System – the battery can be used on a wide range of other tools from the PRO range.


Rated voltage (V): 230

Weight (kg) excl cutting wheel: 3.9

Cutting Wheel (mm): 230

Max Cutting Depth (mm): 70

Recommended Battery: AP 300 – Recommended Charger: AL 300 (up to 18 min use)

Run time with AR 3000 battery: Up to 95 min

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