STIHL RMA 339 COMPACT Cordless Lawnmower

STIHL RMA 339 COMPACT Cordless Lawnmower


The STIHL RMA 339 Lawnmower is light and easy to manoeuvre around obstacles in the garden. This Lawnmower has an intelligent motor control system (Eco mode) and an exclusive STIHL flow optimised blade design. These are energy conserving features that enable the Lawnmower to cut a medium size garden (approx. 400m²) on one battery charge when using the recommended AK 30 battery. The RMA 339 has an adjustable cutting height so you can achieve the lawn height you desire and a cutting width of 37cm. The 40 L catcher has a convenient level indicator so you’ll know when it’s time to empty the clippings.

A: With the recommended AK 30 battery, this Lawnmower will mow approximately 400m² of lawn with one charge.

A: Yes, all of the tools in the COMPACT Cordless System use the same style of battery. There are three different batteries in the range, which all have different capacities. For the RMA 339, we recommend the higher capacity AK 30 battery, we do not recommend the AK10 as the Lawnmower will not run for very long with this lower capacity battery.

A: To fully charge an AK 30 battery with an AL 101 charger, it takes 205 minutes, but you can charge it up to 80% in 160 minutes.

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