STIHL RE 129 Plus


STIHL RE 129 Plus

$995.00 $865.00

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Compact Waterblaster with 135 bar operating pressure. Fitted with trolley and telescopic handle for easy transport and storage. Hose and swivel power cable holders, rotary and fan jet nozzles and a detergent spray set all come as standard, with practical integrated nozzle storage too. With steel-reinforced 9m high pressure hose. Maximum water throughput 500 l/h.

Technical Data

  • Engine Power: 2.3kW
  • Engine Capacity: 230V
  • Working Pressure: 135 bar 1958psi – 2170psi
  • Water Flow Rate: 7L/minute (min) – 8.3L/minute (max)
  • Dry Weight: 20kg
Category: Waterblasters
SKU: re129plus
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