STIHL MSA 140 C-B COMPACT Cordless Chainsaw (incl. Battery & Charger)

STIHL MSA 140 C-B COMPACT Cordless Chainsaw (incl. Battery & Charger)


 SAVE $90 when you upgrade from the STIHL MSA 120 C-B 12″. T&Cs Apply. Offer valid 01 July – 30 September 2019. See in store for more info.

Lightweight cordless chainsaw for grounds maintenance and straightforward but skilled manual jobs. 25% more cutting performance compared to the MSA 120 C-B. Soft handle, quick and convenient chain change process due to STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning, QuickStop Super chain brake, oil tank with transparent viewing window, high cutting performance due to a 1/4″ PM3 saw chain.

Kit includes Tool, AK 30 Battery and AL 101 Charger. $525 – Tool only


Voltage: 36V
Weight (without Battery): 2.2 kg
Chain Type: 1/4″ Picco Micro 3
Standard Guide Bar: 12″ (30cm)

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