Masport President 1500 ST S19 Combo


Masport President 1500 ST S19 Combo

$689.00 $575.00

Limited time offer: Receive a free upgrade from the Masport PRESIDENT 1000 ST S18. T&Cs apply, offer ends May 31.

Heavy duty steel chassis, great cut, mulch or catch mower. Value for money option for the home lawn.


  • Chassis 485mm (19”) durable steel
  • Blade Masport Quickcut® 2 blade system
  • Engine Briggs & Stratton OHV Series 500E
  • Type RapidStart™
  • Power 140cc 5ft/lbs or 6.8Nm
  • Wheels 175mm (7”) & 200mm (8”) adjustable dual bearing wheels
  • Catcher HDPE plastic
Category: Mowers
SKU: 1500ST
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