HSA 25 Cordless Shrub Shears (incl. Battery & Charger)

HSA 25 Cordless Shrub Shears (incl. Battery & Charger)


Ideal for the keen gardener wanting a lightweight and versatile easy to use tool for trimming shrubs and lawn edges. Good things come in small packages. Thanks to its low weight and ultra-short cutting tool, the STIHL HSA 25 is both extremely handy and easy to use. This tool takes the strain out of precision cutting, making it ideal for all jobs requiring meticulous attention to detail on hedges and shrubs, as well as for the precise trimming of lawn edges.

Packaged in a durable storage cover, the HSA 25 comes complete with all the essentials including a Shrub Blade (17cm long), Grass Cutting Blade (11cm wide), Long running 10.8V Lithium Ion Battery and Battery Charger.

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Rated Voltage: 10.8V
Weight (without Battery): 0.6kg

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