Grillo HWT600WD

Grillo HWT600WD


Technical Data:
Wheel Drive (Self Propelled) – 3.0 kph
41cm high wheels
550mm – 600mm cutting width
Honda GCV160 4.4 HP
Grass Guard included

The self drive model is chain driven through an internal gearbox. This makes cutting the grass easier and less strenuous than pushing the machine. The drive feature can be disengaged and the machine manually pushed forward or pulled backwards to mow around an obstacle.

Effective against knee high grass, weeds and kikuyu
Effective in wet and dry conditions
High wheels mow rough and uneven areas with ease, giving the user more control and stability
Cuts a 55cm swathe
Cord is thick, square-cut, and long lasting
Easy cord replacement – takes just a few seconds
95% of the weight is on the wheels
Rubber stone guard to protect user from cuttings, stones and twigs
Clear shield helps minimize grass build-up on the engine on protects the operators clothing
Adjustable trimming height – 4 positions
The powerful Honda 4 stroke (4.4 HP) engine gets the job done quickly and easily

Category: Mowers
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