Grillo G84 Rotary Hoe

Grillo G84 Rotary Hoe


Grillo G84 is a heavy duty domestic or entry level commercial rotary hoe. The handle bars can be offset or reversed in order to carry a different attachment such as a sickle bar or furrower. Powered by a Honda 5.5 hp engine, 2 Fwd & 2 Rev gears, and 4.00-8 tractor wheels the G84 can handle applications that require more power.

Some of the optional attachments that can be used are the same as the smaller G55 model – making G84 a popular machine that suits more powerful applications. One attachment often purchased with G84 is the adjustable furrower which connects to the rear of the tiller.

Optional attachments Include:

58cm Adjustable Tiller
Central cutter bar115cm (sickle bar)
Furrower behind tiller

Category: Tillers
SKU: G84
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