The Grillo G55 is a heavy duty domestic or entry level commercial rotary hoe. The handle bars can be reversed in order to carry multiple attachments such as a sickle bar and mower. With 5.0 hp, two gears, and larger tractor wheels the G55 can handle applications that require more power.

The tiller and sickle bar attachments are wider than the attachments on the smaller G52, and the unit is lighter and easy to use than the G107 – making it a popular model that suits a lot of applications. It also comes with quick coupler to enable faster swapping over of attachments. A popular attachment often purchased with G55 is the adjustable furrower for mounding up potatoes or kumara. A mounting frame is required when this furrower is used.

Optional attachments:

58cm Adjustable Tiller
Central cutter bar115cm (sickle bar)
50 Rotary Mower
Single Furrow Plough*
Adjustable Furrower*
60cm Snow Thrower

*These attachments require a mounting frame. Larger wheels and wheel weights are suggested for some applications.

Category: Tillers
SKU: G55
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